What to Look for When Choosing an Accountant

An accountants desk

A business cannot survive without an accountant. They are among the major pillars of any business. The finance world is dynamic and evolving and so should be the professionals. Today, accountants do so much not just the normal recording, calculations and balancing the records. Businesses are now consulting accountants in areas like risk management, technological recommendations, profit enhancement strategies and much more.

With all that said, it is clear that hiring an account in the current business world is more demanding than it was some years back.


Balancing accounts recordsQualifications make the first vetting factor. The person you are about to hire must be trained and qualified to work as an accountant in your area. If you visit their office, you will realize that many of them have displayed their qualification certificates on their office walls. If this is not the case, do not shy from asking them to produce their qualification certificates. It is only qualified accountants who are licensed and recognized by the authorities. It is therefore important to make sure that you have hired the right person for the best services.


It is important to hire someone who is well aware of your industry. It narrows down to specialization. Is the accountant in a position to offer all the services you are looking for? How long have they worked in the industry? As we all know, experience comes with expertise. Therefore, hiring an experienced accountant means quality work. To be sure of what they are saying, carry out a background check on them and see what people are saying about the accountant’s services.


Service chargesYou cannot ignore cost in the purchase of all goods and services. Professional accountants either charge on an hourly basis or fixed charges. Irrespective of the charging method, you should be comfortable with what they are asking for. Refer to your budget and see if you can afford what they are asking for. Cost affects the quality of work, but since we may not all afford the most expensive accountants, make sure that you get value from your money.


How accessible is the accountant? Many times, large accounting organizations sideline small businesses and give priority to the large organizations. If you are not careful, you will be assigned an intern instead of an experienced accountant. To avoid such shortcomings, ask for referrals and see what businesses of your size have to say about the services they got.…